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General terms and conditions (General Sales Conditions)

Products purchased from VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT are sold directly from Italian company Vital Srl, with registered office in Via Firenze .68 iscritta alla CCIAA di Crotone KR at n. 160361, C.F./P.IVA 02474540792.

The offer and sale of the products on the site VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT are regulated by these general conditions of sale.

The General conditions of sale can be periodically updated; We consider effective and binding those published on VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT accepted at check out.

Please read the terms and conditions of sale before purchasing.

How to buy (Purchase methods)

For each selected product displays a description, with the image and the essential features, but are not limited to: product types, the color, the size, the unit price.

The images and colors of products offered for sale on VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT might differ from the actual values because of Internet browser and/or monitor vital Srl is not responsible for any inaccuracies due to a particular configuration of the computer or to malfunction.

For more information about the products please contact customer service at email [email protected]

Availability of the product (Product availability)

Products offered for sale and its price are those indicated on VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT

If, when ordering, products are not available, the item in the corresponding size does not appear.

If, due to the simultaneous buying from several customers, the product ordered is no longer available, you will receive an email of cancellation.

Vital Srl can change at any time and without prior notice the products offered for sale on VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT and its price.

Product price (Price of product)

The price of each item and indicated in Euro: taxes (VAT), shipping costs for European Union countries.

Not including taxes (VAT), shipping to countries outside the European Union.

The cost of shipping and any duties and taxes is shown before payment and calculated in relation to the destination of the goods. (Shipping)



Order (Order)

The execution of the purchase order implies knowledge of these general conditions of sale and their unconditional acceptance.

Orders can be made subject to registration and/or creating an account ("register for free") the customer's personnel.

Remember to read the Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) and terms and conditions of sale.

The orders are compiled following the steps and instructions specified in the site. 

The purchase of products offered for sale on VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT can be made by consumers/customers who have reached the age of majority and which operate only on their behalf.

Sale and/or distribution of the products purchased on VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT is prohibited.

Vitale srl reserves the right to assess the acceptance of orders received.

Vitale srl will notify the customer by e-mail any inability to accept orders received.

Order confirmation (Order confirmation)

The customer receives upon conclusion of purchase the written confirmation of the ordered product, stating the "confirmation code", the payment amount, with the detail of the product price and shipping costs and any charges for non-EU countries.

Vital order confirmation by e-mail send a subsequent Ltd with its delivery of the product.

Method of payment (Payment methods)

Vitale srl accepts payments made with debit and credit cards: PAYPAL, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS ad bank transfer on delivery only for domestic sales. Cheques are not accepted and the courier can not give no rest. To request a refund, if the method chosen is the mark, you must have a bank account: with this method of payment refunds can only be issued by bank transfer to your account

If you buy with Scalapay you will receive your order immediately and pay in 3 installments. You acknowledge that the installments will be transferred to Incremento SPV S.r.l., to related parties and their assignees, and that you authorize this transfer

Important info: in the wake of new laws which came into force in Italy and in France, the upper limit for the method of payment cash on delivery has undergone some limits for shipments in these two countries.

Italy: the order total is limited to €1,999.99.

France: the order total is limited to €750.00

The goods ordered remain the property of vital srl until full payment of the price.

Safe access and transactions

Appropriate security measures are implemented in accordance with the defined by the "final Guidelines on the security of Internet payments"-the service is activated 19 December 2014 including 3D Secure Protocol. issued by the European Banking Authority, to protect sensitive data.

In case of payment by credit card, financial information (e.g., credit or debit card number or expiration date) will not be used by seller except for performing the procedures related to your purchase and for issue refunds in case of returns of products, or if it is necessary to prevent or report to police of fraud on VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT


Shipping (Shipping Methods)

Information on shipping methods, costs and any customs charges are indicated at the time of purchase, shipping and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer and are charged to your credit card and debt at the time of purchase.

Shipping costs (Shipping costs)

All purchases with a concentration in Italy and Islands (Italy) are delivered by courier GLS.

For all other destinations is used on DHL. We do not ship to PO boxes.

The following table shows the shipping costs for different amounts:

ITALY FROM 6 euros To 10 euros BASED on WEIGHT;

ISLANDS FROM 8.50 euros per 30.5 EUROS BASED on WEIGHT;


For purchases over 400 Euro free shipping worldwide.

N.B. For shipments that are subject to customs duties, a fee or a tax related to the transportation of goods across international borders (to be paid by the customer) must be paid. 

All orders are delivered by courier GLS and DHL from 9 to 17, from Monday to Friday, the freight forwarder shall require the signature "receipt" of the recipient upon delivery.

Once the items have been shipped you can no longer change the destination address.

Place of delivery (Delivery zones)

Delivery is made to the address requested by the client (we do not ship to p.o. boxes) and in the following countries (see list below)











Delivery (Delivery times)

After receiving the order delivery time of products and the following:

Italy: 2-3 working days ISLANDS: 3-4 days

USA-CANADA: 1-3 working days depending on the destination

Europe-EUROPEAN UNION STANDARD shipping: 2-6 working days depending on the destination

Europe-EUROPEAN EXPRESS DELIVERY: 1-2 days to key destinations, 2-3 working days for remote destinations

NON-EU EUROPE EXPRESS SHIPPING: 1-2 days to key destinations, 2-3 days for remote destinations

LATIN AMERICA: 3-4 days ASIA and the Middle East: 4 working days

Australia and OCEANIA: 4 business days to major destinations, 4-5 days for remote destinations AFRICA: 2-4 days

RUSSIAN FEDERATION: 3-4 working days-about 15 working days EMS Russian Post

Deliveries are made and guaranteed by GLS and DHL.

All orders are delivered by courier GLS and DHL from 9 to 17, Monday to Friday. The freight forwarder shall require the signature "receipt" of the recipient upon delivery.

Please provide a valid address to deliver the goods during normal delivery. Please identify promptly any change of address.

Shipped, you cannot change the destination address.

Vitale srl upon shipment shall inform the customer by e-mail the number of the shipping courier.

Delivery of products can also be done through partial shipments: in this case is charged only for the price of the goods shipped and the cost of a single shipment. In case of partial shipment is given information by email.

Any delivery delays exceed 10 (ten) days. days should be reported promptly to our customer "[email protected]" and in any event within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the order confirmation.

Receipt of goods (Receiving merchandise)

To ensure the safety of shipping the freight forwarder calls the signature "receipt" of the recipient upon delivery; If this is not possible, the goods are not delivered.

If, at the time of delivery, the general appearance of the parcel has imperfections, the customer should proceed with the opening of the parcel in the presence of the transporter.

Suggest that you check the goods upon delivery and verify that the quantity of the products delivered correspond to that ordered, that the packaging is not damaged, or otherwise altered. Any faults must be recorded in writing on the delivery of the courier.

Any problems in the delivery must be reported promptly to our customer service department [email protected] and in any event within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the order confirmation.

Insurance (Insurance)

All packages shipped are insured against theft/loss or damage by the time they are entrusted to the carrier for shipment until delivery to the recipient.

If the delivery packing damaged, we advise you to refuse the goods or to report on the delivery note that you accept a damaged package.

Once delivered to the address indicated and retreat, the merchandise is no longer assured.


Returns and exchanges (Returns and Exchanges)

If the products do not meet you can ask for a refund or an Exchange.

Conditions for exchanges and returns are as follows:

Return process (Returns Procedure)

The purchased goods may be returned within 14 days from the date of delivery.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer.

Returns made after the date indicated may be accepted only at the discretion of Vitale srl.

Vitale srl will refund the entire cost of the products returned by the customer if accompanied by a return authorization issued by Vitale srl.

Refund, excluding shipping charges (both the outward and the return) , will be credited to the same credit card and debit card used for the purchase or the account used for the transfer. 

To make the return process you must send an email to email address "[email protected]" indicating the article code subject to restitution, to obtain a return authorization number (RMA — Returns Merchandise Authorization).

To return you must wait for permission, then its return code issued by Vitale srl.

The e-mail with the return authorization must be included inside the package.

Vitale srl send with a return authorization a precompiled sheet with the destination address on the package.

Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. The return is accepted only if you followed the steps in this section.

Products must be returned in its original packaging to ensure that they are not damaged during shipment

The return of the product is not free if products are made from a country other than the one originally designated as the destination address.

For returns please contact MADE at the email address "[email protected]".

After you follow the steps of the return, you book a retreat by contacting the courier who made the delivery.

Package must be delivered locked to the carrier.

Vitale srl send an e mail confirming receipt of the returned item and activating the refund process. Refund of the purchase price of returned products shall take place within 35 days of the date on which Vitale srl received the returned product in conditions.

Conditions of return (Return Conditions)

Products to be returned must not have been worn, used and damaged. Must submit all original labels and security seals intact.

Shoes should be tried on a carpet and must be made in the original box, which is an integral part of the product. Shoes made without box or in a damaged box can be rejected and sent back to the client.

The underwear and swimsuits must be tried on your own linen and without removing the protective sticker.

If the sticker is not removed or crumpled garments, the return will not be accepted and will be returned to the customer.

We will not accept returns that do not meet all the required conditions.

The return must be addressed to: vital 88900 Crotone SRL via Florence, 68.

To return, please refer to paragraph "return procedure".

Exchanges (Exchanges)

You can replace the product purchased only with another similar in size or a different size within 10 days from the date of delivery, provided that it is available.

Changes received beyond the deadline indicated can be accepted solely at the discretion of Vitale srl.

To make the change you must send an e-mail with the request to return to the service RENDERED '' .

To make the change you have to wait for permission to Exchange issued by Vitale srl. Unauthorized changes are not accepted. Please refer to the procedures described in the section on "return Procedures".

The return of the product does not involve the payment of postage.

Indicate the new size/extent, under the conditions referred to in the return process. If you want to change to another article you should request a refund and proceed to a new purchase separately.

Replacement product will be sent to the customer by courier service with no additional shipping costs.

Defects (Defective merchandise)

We consider defective products received damaged or already experiencing lack of conformity.

You can request the return of the defective product within 10 days of the delivery date by following the same steps of returns/exchange.

In such cases, Vitale srl will replace the defective item with an identical, if available, or to repair it if possible.

The replacement product will be sent to the customer by courier service with no additional shipping costs.

If the replacement or repair of the product were not possible Vital srl shall be repaid. The refund, including shipping costs when it comes to defective product at origin, is made to the same credit card and debit card used by the customer for payment.

Returning gifts

In the case of products purchased and sent as gifts, the return can be exercised exclusively by the customer and in no case by the gift recipient, following the same steps of returns/exchanges. 

It is understood that the integrity of the product and essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal.

Refunds (Reimbursements)

The customer is not satisfied with the product received may exercise the return within 10 days from the date of delivery.

Please refer to the same way of return of products expressed in paragraph returns/exchange.

Refund of the purchase price of returned products shall be made within 15 working days from the date on which Vitale srl received the returned product in conditions laid down.

The rebate is made to the same credit card and debit card used by the customer for payment, shipping costs excluded (unless they are faulty products an origin).

Customs duties and sales taxes are not refunded for orders placed outside the EU.



Legal notice and terms of use (Tied notes and Conditions of use)

The site VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT is managed by Vitale srl.

Access to and use of this site assume reading, understanding and acceptance of these terms and the Privacy Policy ("privacy policy").

Vitale srl may update at any time the terms and conditions of use and Privacy Policy.

By using VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT you agree to the terms of use and Privacy Policy, as posted on the site.

You can consult at any time, the applicable conditions of use and Privacy Policy by clicking on "terms of sale" or "Privacy" from the menu at the bottom of the page.

Security and personal data

Vitale srl has taken security measures to protect against misuse or access, personal data and information provided. 

Bank details are not recorded or retained on the site VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT, but are kept in a secure database of the Bank used by Vitale srl and which appears on the transaction page solely for the purpose of commercial transaction.

As Vitale srl has taken all possible precautions to ensure the security of personal data, must be kept in mind that data transmission over the internet is never completely secure and that any information disseminated on line could be collected and used by parties other than those to whom it was directed. 

The Privacy Policy ("policy") governs the processing of personal data communicated to Vitale srl through the site VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT.

Vitale srl may amend, Supplement and/or amend this Privacy Policy at any time; consult the current text in the section on "Privacy".

Intellectual property rights (Intellectual Property)

All site content VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT (drawings, illustrations, photographs, texts, graphics, descriptions, logos, pictures, video) and the exclusive property of vital Srl or licensed to it.

You may not reproduce, distribute, publish, distribute, copy, modify, or sell by any means, in whole or in part, the content of the site VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT.

It can print material for personal use only and not for commercial use.



Limitation of liability-disclaimer (Limits of responsability-warranty exclusion)

The website VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT may contain imperfections and vital srl does not guarantee that they are correct.

The VITALEBOUTIQUE.IT site and its contents are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.

With the use of the site the user assumes all risks associated with that use and assumes full responsibility for any loss of use, loss of data and costs due for service and repair of hardware and/or software used in connection with the site. The user also undertakes not to hold Vitale srl liable in any way for any damages arising or resulting from the use of or relating to the site.

Applicable law and competent court (Applicable law and jurisdiction)

These terms and conditions are governed by Italian law and are in Italian.

The General conditions of sale are governed by Italian law and in particular by Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206, on the consumer code, with specific reference to the rules on distance contracts and by Legislative Decree 9 April 2003 n. 70 on certain aspects of electronic commerce.

In the event of a dispute, and the Court of jurisdiction.